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07/25/2021Elder Danny Ferrell "Covenant is Better Than The Old"

Download 21-7-25.New_Covenant_is_Better_Than_the_Old.DF.mp3
07/11/2021Elder Danny Ferrell "Why We Need A Priest"

Download 21-7-11.Why_We_Need_A_Priest.DF.mp3
07/04/2021Elder Danny Ferrell "Going on To Perfection"

Download 21-7-4.Going_On_To_Perfection.DF.mp3
06/27/2021Elder David Elliott "Coming Together in The Church"

Download 21-6-27.Coming_Together_In_The_Church.DE.mp3
06/20/2021Elder Danny Ferrell "Jesus High Priestly Prayer"

Download 21-6-20.Jesus_High_Priestly_Prayer.DF.mp3
06/13/2021Elder Danny Ferrell "Our Great High Priest"

Download 21-6-13.Our_Great_High_Priest.DF.mp3

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 Isaiah 16:1 (KJV)
Send ye the lamb to the ruler of the land from Sela to the wilderness, unto the mount of the daughter of Zion.
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