Total Depravity: is the total inability of man, not born of the Spirit, to do anything acceptable or good in the sight of God. (Romans 3:10-18; Romans 8:8,9).

Unconditional Election: is the selection of individuals to eternal life based entirely on God’s sovereign choice, and not influenced by any works on man’s part, good or bad (Romans 9:11).

Limited Atonement: (Particular Redemption); Christ died only for the elect, and by His death redeemed all for whom He died (Matthew 1:21).

Irresistible Grace: or effectual call is the calling whereby God brings the elect into a vital relationship with Himself by the quickening of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 1:23-24; John 6:37; I peter 5:10; Ephesians 2:1,5; I Peter 3:18).

Preservation of the Saints; all the elect of God shall be kept by God and shall be eternally saved; however, they may walk in darkness and disobedience, losing the joy of their salvation in their timely existence (John 10:27 – 29; Psalms 51:12).