Mt. Moriah primitive baptist church

In August, 1844, the Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church was organized by Elder Isaiah King with the following members: Isaiah King, Dusten Williams, James L. Fooks, Cyrus Philley, John Lyles, Elijah Johnson, John Moss, David Eastwood, Daniel Eastwood and Thomas Gaither. Elder King was pastor and Burrell Hill was church clerk.

The congregation then worshipped in a small log cabin about 100 yards from where the present church stands. J.L. Fooks furnished the logs, hewing them himself, and the church was built on his land. Elder King served as pastor for about 10 years, until he was injured by a runaway team and died in February of 1854. Following his death, services were irregular and several of the members went to New Hope Primitive Baptist Church. 

In 1870 twelve members of that congregation held a meeting in the Grubbs schoolhouse, back of the Arant farm, near the state road and the church was re-organized. These members were: Nancy Arant, James King, J.L. Fooks, Warren Harper, Mary Fooks, John Fooks, Mary Harper, Catherine Johnston, W.T. Hill, Leah Hill, Duke Story and Margeret Story.

Elder Granville Gibson was selected as moderator. The presbytery included Elders Gibson and Ebenezer Watkins. W.G. Atwood and T.R. Bottoms were deacons. Elder Watkins was elected pastor and was later succeeded by Elder Granville Gibson.

Meetings were held in this log schoolhouse until 1876 when a frame church was built on or near the William Hill farm, about one mile south of the present church. Elder Thomas F. Harrison was chosen pastor and served the church faithfully for 37 years until his death.

In 1906 a new frame church building was erected near the original location on land deeded to Mt. Moriah Church by J.L. Fooks.

In 1933 an article written by L.L. Freeman and E.C. Olds recorded the church membership at 135 members, making it the largest membership of any church of the Primitive Baptist faith anywhere in the county.

A brick building was erected in 1965 with all of the members contributing labor and money. The building note was repaid within 2 years and a fellowship building was erected in the late 1960’s and is used by the church for “dinner on the ground”.

Pastors of Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church from 1844 to present:

Elder Isaiah King 1844-1854

Elder Ebenezer Watkins 1870-

Elder Granville Gibson

Elder Thomas Harrison 1876-1912

Elder J.N. Wallace 1912-1914

Elder E.M. Beshears, joint pastor with Elder J.N. Wallace for 1 year (1915) then pastor until 1942.

Elder J.D. Shain 1943-1944

Elder R.N. Graves 1944-1948

Elder Gordon Hearon 1948-1956

Elder Arlie Larimer 1956-1980

Elder Harold Fletcher 1981-1994

Elder Herman Clark 1997-2002

Elder Danny Ferrell 2003 to present

Serving as clerks of the church have been: W.T. Hill, R.J. Hill, Sol H. King, T.D. Fooks, G.W. Dalton, Marvin Harper, David Barrett, Donnie Coursey, Hunter Coursey, Adam Walker and Leslie Arnett.